Stuttering while logging

Hello, Warcraftlogs Forums.

I am having heavy stuttering while using the /combatlog, mainly on Velhari trash, fights with lots of adds, and some other fights Tried deleting WTF, Cache and Interface folders. Recount/Skada are deactivated. I am using Windows 10 x64.
Have a pretty decent rig: i7 4790k, 8GB RAM, Standard HDD.
Also, I deactivate Windows Defender and even use Razer Cortex to give a boost.
But still the stuttering remains. They last less than a second but it’s pretty constant.
Any ideas?

Thank you

I had this issue at one point and I needed to update my drive’s firmware to fix it.


Is it only at velhari adds? Do you mass pull the adds (like all the adds in that room) and use Bloodlust, ring, CD’s?

Hi. Thanks for responding. Did you mean the Firmware Drivers for Hard Drive? The one we find at the Motherboard’s site?

Hey Moowalker, thanks for responding. No. Unfortunately it happens on many boss fights. :frowning:

I’ve tried to find firmware updates for my HDD but it seems it doesn’t have. It’s a Seagate Barracuda ST1000DM003.
Doing an advanced search I even tried to download a firmware but after I used it the system rebooted and the firmware version stood the same.

I disabled file paging too, but I will test soon.

Any more ideas? :frowning:

I’ve also ttried disabling all add-ons, running on 32-bit version. Still stuttering like hell.

I would suggest getting a SSD and not a classic HDD. Apart from that, check at your BIOS if AHCI is enabled, if not you need to enable. BE CAREFULL, that is you enable it your windows won’t boot, so you need to make some adjustments (google "Enable AHCI Windows X), where X = your windows version.

Thank you so much for your help, Moowalker. I double checked and my HDD has AHCI enabled. Unfortunately it’s not in my plans to buy a SSD soon. But then again I appreciate your time.

I’ll try and contact Blizzard about it. Hopefully a non-Captain Obvious Game Master can help.

Another question :slight_smile: : When you are NOT combat logging, do you have this shuttering?
Try running with 0 addons (disabled even Bigwings / DBM / WA) on a trash pull you have problem and see if you still have.

I have 0 stutters without /combatlog enabled. Tested it already.

i have exactly same problem. the problem persist since blizzard introduce advanced loggin on every computer i use. it persist on 2 different SSDs. you even can create RAM DRIVE (i have 32GB) and write log on it with remapping directories and it dont help.