Static parses defaulting to FC parses

Hey Khira,

Hope you’re doing well and enjoying your vacation.

I am currently experiencing an issue with uploading parses under the statics name. All players are signed up under the static on fflogs and a raid group under the same title is created. Yet when uploading (also choosing the static upload option) the parses still default to FC Parses.
The groups name is NEET Slayers and the FC name is VanGuard

The Static

When checking VanGuard’s calendar for parse uploads our parses don’t show up there yet are defaulting to them. It’s all so weird any solution to this?

All the logs that appear on my profile with “VanGuard” were supposed to be “NEET Slayers”

You have to put characters into the static. Otherwise I don’t know which characters belong to NEET Slayers.

Thank you Khira we all signed up and parses are now uploading under the static name. :slight_smile:

Does it take time before the parses show up on server rankings? We don’t seem to show up on Leviathan.

My personal character still says I’m in Midgardsormr yet have been on Leviathan for a year now, any way to fix that?