Spell Reflection damage omitted from Illidari Council

Is there a reason why Spell Reflection damage is not included for The Illidari Council?

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The way Blizzard implements Spell Reflection is that the mobs just damage themselves. It’s in the logs :slight_smile: Here is an example:

Yes I can see the events but the owner of the damage really should be the spell reflector. It would require stitching 2 events together at the same time signature

As you can see there is a reflect event followed by a damage event, the owner isnt in the damage line but that information is obtainable.

Details does this for example, I can see no valid reason why warcraftlogs can’t.

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It’s a difficult problem, because in the past (especially on Retail), that reflect damage was too high to be included in rankings, so we would need to figure something out there, i.e., we can’t just blanket associate the reflect damage with the warrior in all cases, or if we do - we have to special case how it ranks depending on the mechanic/magnitude of the reflect.

We can file a bug about it though.

I find that even odd, because ranking comparisons are compared to the same role/spec with access to the exact same abilities. Everyone is on an even playing field irrespective to what numbers it yields. At the moment people who reflect all of the damage don’t get credit for that good play compared to people who reflect little to none.

I mean at the end of the day do I personally care how I rank? No, but from a correctness perspective and for the ease of information parsing I find it odd that it doesn’t work this way already.

It doesn’t work this way already because Spell Reflect has been largely removed from Retail (except when they mess up and it works on a boss unintentionally like Ghuun). So it’s really a Classic only thing, which means - from our perspective - it’s new.

You’re actually the first person to bring it up.

The Ghuun example is why it would have been dangerous to have reflect on for Retail, as it would have completely busted rankings on that fight.

Just seems counter intuitive to me that direct player action (timing, resource and CD management are all required) isn’t attributed to the player.

Now if you don’t want to make it ranking data, whatever, I think its silly but im more concerned about being able to read the information in the log easily. It makes sense to me that in the player damage section I should have a spell reflection entry with all the relevant info (this is how details reports it). Instead I have to dig through damage taken on the mob and filter though a lot of information and have to know the spell names I reflected. It’s very inconvenient.

Not disagreeing with you, just explaining the history, i.e., it’s never been needed before. It’s new to Classic. We can file a bug about it.

I actually searched on “spell reflect not showing on logs” and found this chain. I just noticed that the spell reflect damage from Vigilant Guardian in Sepulcher of the First Ones is not showing. After I tested with Details how to maximize damage output trying to spell reflect “Split Resolution” cast and “Wave of Disintegration” it is kinda sad that all that effort was for nothing in the actual logs… it counts as a lot of extra damage (aprox 48k per cast) and my effort helps killing the boss but it is not rewarded as damage on my logs which I find strange since I am just utilizing my class kit to its fullest however I am not rewarded for it? (of course I am disregarding the fact that it of course helps towards the boss kill but I would still like it to be included in the logs as well?). I understand that it might not be fixed I would just like to try at least and sincerely ask if this is intentionally or if you have not really thought about it?