RotS reflect mechanic change; Hotfix 2nd/3rd of January 2018

Hey, I wrote a mail about a specific case of this change affecting logs but I think writing a more generalistic one is of interest for the ppl who might read this forum.

It seems like Blizzard changed how often Rage of the Sleeper can reflect dmg to one target from one ability from infinite to once every 0,5 seconds.

This is relevant for cases like the Argus fight especially because you can get a very high amount of dmg events in a short amount of time (as in ~700 triggers in 10 seconds) through Aggramar’s Sacrifice.

You can see an example of the change here:

24th of December where it still works

8th of December where it has been changed

Just a little “proof” here that it needs to be dmg coming from a single ability from a single unit (want to test this further but have so far been unable to):
27th of December

3rd of January

So yeah, if any of you found an instance to test this, that would be very interesting to see. Only thing I can confirm is that it works differently on Argus as I have been able to pull of the high amount of triggers before the 3rd of January but afterwards not. Sadly our logs are private but I can provide some screenshots:

Before the Hotfix(private though but I guess ill provide the link anyway):

After the Hotfix (private as well)Posthotfix

If anyone knows more about this, would be cool to see as I would love to know how exactly RotS works now.