Logs disappeared

I posted under the “WoW damage is bugged” thread, but I figured I’d start my own thread.

My guild’s logs from Tuesday May 17th are not showing up on the rankings anymore, and we lost all points from the week’s logs. I myself had a top 100 fire mage parse on Mythic Xhul’hurac, and several other raiders had really nice numbers this week. We’d love to have them reinstated.

Here are the logs for reference: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/reports/W6krFa3ztKJYAwTH#fight=50

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I was in this raid - and can account for the fact that we did all of this before the bugged damage numbers happened. We didn’t exploit or do anything to cheese our parses. I had a top 100 parse on my DK as well, and would be very disappointed to lose logs from before damage number issues were reported.

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Absolute is an officer in our guild and I am the GM, we were both present and can confirm that there were absolutely no gimmicky strats nor were there any exploits going on, these numbers are representative of players working hard and knowing how to play their spec’s. Would appear that some players had unfair logs due to todays damage modifer bug that required the server restart, I can confirm that this issue was non-existent in our raid group at the time of our logging.

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I wish Robert Stack was still alive because this is turning out to be an… Unsolved Mystery. I understand ranks are frozen, but it’d be nice to know that those of us who were not bugged out will be able to have our rankings back.

i see my guild’s logs have been restored. Thanks a bunch dudes! Great work, keep it up.