Simple Solution to Power Infusion

Solution is quite simple.

Have two parse pools. One with PI, one without PI.

After the fight. The player gets ranked in either category.
This way, you can have the player with PI getting his parse amungst the PI pool
And those without PI can still get an orange parse, because his parse is amungst the non-PI Pool. Both It It doesn’t even need to be toggled on and off, Just make it the default.

Boss 1
Player A - 99 Parse (PI)
Player B - 99 Parse
Player c - 98 Parse
Player d - 76 Parse (PI)

Hi there,

Thank you for participating in the discussion, but it is not as simple as this. A change like this would require us to double our processing and server costs. That is not really feasible.

That’s unfortunate, because it really is the best and most reasonable solution. The other solution you guys proposed in your poll is not really feasable either, because no player will take a PI even though it is a net gain for the raid, because it will negate their parse. But in its current form it is not fair to every player without a pocket PI trying to compete for top parses against those getting PI.