Artifact ilvl showing wrong for Xal'atath

Looking through my combat logs and the COMBATANT_INFO that is sent through, the ilvl being logged for Xal’atath, and the Secrets of the Void off-hand that goes with it, they are not being showed correctly (I was wondering why people were saying I needed to raise the ilvl of my artifact).

The combat log correctly gives the ilvl of the Artifiacts as 874.

However in the combat logs this is showing my Xal’atath as 849, and my Secrets of the Void as 750.

Minor issue; and I am not sure if this is impacting other MH/OH pairings. It seems to be okay for single item artifacts.

Can you show me a link of where the item level is displayed wrong?

Here is a public link where the ilvl doesn’t match the COMBATANT_INFO.
I don’t have this combat log on my machine right now so I can’t provide the exact log line right now.

I have made the combat log I referred to above visible (not that I think it being private would stop you seeing it).

If you look at my Xal’atath you can see it’s showing 849, and the Secrets of the Void tooltip is 750. Though the info from the combat log clearly gives an ilvl of 874.

That’s just buggy wowhead tooltips. They just recently updated their API to support passing an ilvl override in, and I haven’t changed my code to do that yet. Everything is logged correctly on my side though, e.g., item level is fine in the summary pane.

It’s basically just a WCL <-> Wowhead integration issue that the tooltips are wrong.

Okay - thanks for clearing that up.

P.S. Thanks for being so responsive. It’s very appreciated.