Server Log Update not happening

Having an issue with my Guild speed not be updated on the Incendius server, and when it was it was placed under “with Trash Skips” even though we definitely didnt skip any trash.

This Clear wasn’t uploaded to the Incendius Server Logs page at all -

This Clear was logged under “with Trash skips” even though we don’t skip trash -

Incendius Server -

You can see on the server logs that our last guild run isn’t show up even though others who raided at the same time are, and the issues with “With Trash Skips” vs not. Any help or insight on if the issue is on my end would be appreciated.

The first log you linked was started too late (it’s missing Grethok).

The second log you linked has no trash logged.

Updated the log and it’s still not making any changes.

New Reuploaded Log w/ Trash

This log doesnt show up on the Incendius Server either with or without trash skips.

Log was started too late (missing Grethok the controller death and the start of the instance).