AQ40 log listed as "Trash Skip Log", but it's not


It seems like my guild has a problem with our logs and we don’t know why it happens tbh. Some logs are randomly listed under the “With Trash Skips” category, but we are not skipping anything (we never did). We always take the same route, killt the same npc and it’s always the same person logging.

Yesterdays log is listed as “with trash skips”:
I just checked if we killed every trash mob and we did.

The log from last week was listed as “without trash skips”:

The log 14 days ago was listed as “with trash skips”:

We pretty much did the same in all 3 logs, so it’s kinda random to us how this happens. Any idea how we can avoid it beeing listed as a trash skip log? Did we do something wrong or is this just a bug?

Looking at the first one, you’re missing two hive crawlers.

Your are indeed right with the hive crawlers. Sorry my bad :frowning:
We uploaded a second log from yesterdays raid and it listed us correctly this time. Don’t know how the first log misses the 2 crawlers tho since the person was in range.

But anyways thanks for the quick answer