Warcraft Logs not updating Speed on 'Realm'


Our speed doesn’t seem to be getting updated on the realm page. I thought last week it might have been because we had both our MC and BWL combined into one raid:


So this week we split them both and we are still having the same issue. Our speed hasn’t updated for over a month. I’ve been through all the settings and turned off stealth mode and made sure they are all public. Little help please.

Here is this weeks logs:


I’ve checked through the guild settings and we are all correct ‘Yojamba’ Horde and it used to work so unsure why it isn’t anymore. If someone could let me know how to fix this for the future too that would be great!

Just a little more info: Everyones parses etc uploads on there profiles and updates its literally just raid speeds on realm

That log was started too late. It’s missing the beginning of the instance.

Thanks for the reply Kihra, I don’t understand mate? It has Razorgore on it? Do you mean it was started after the first adds on the platform as that is the only thing I can think of? If that is the case I’ll pass on the information to the person who captures it but he should be starting as soon as we enter and are buffing

@Kihra Sorry forgot to tag you :slight_smile: Any help is appreciated

Yes, it was started after Grethok the Controller died.