Separation of parses based on soulbind

i was looking at some log data and noticed soulbind specific logs where showing on people their home page instead of the covenant as a whole ( See 1st picture.) ,The 98 parse is for Venthyr with Draven soulbind.instead of making it parse to the whole covenant as this would put the parse at rank 50-70%( See 2nd picture). Making it more favourable to run worse soulbinds for better parses allowing things like picture 3 and 4.
Main question is, is this intended?


Same as 1st and 2nd picture but for NF instead.



Percentages are overall, and are not specific to a covenant or soulbind. You’re mixing up the concept of historical ranks vs today’s ranks. The character page actually shows a percentile based off where the rank placed around the time the raid occurred.

See Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft for more info.

That might be the case for 3rd and 4th pic’s,
but the 1st and 2nd happend on 27/1/20

and this picture happend 7 days before that(20/1/20):

How does doing more ealier come out to the same %