"Recent Parses" rankings-style API

At one point, there was an idea bouncing around to implement a “recent parses” API that would function like the rankings API, but include all parses for the last two weeks or so. Is this still on the table? I would ideally like to utilize this for my stats app for Legion. I totally understand that you’re likely swamped just getting ready for the Legion logs changes; I’m just hoping to know if this is something I should still plan around. Thanks for your hard work and cheers!

I recently implemented similar functionality in a custom stats app im working on for our guild website.

When you get back the character rankings, average only those that are within the specified date range. Can make it over any date range.

This isn’t really what I’m working towards. The rankings API has exactly one rank per character per spec, which seriously impairs any sort of statistical analysis of overall performance. Limiting to date ranges doesn’t allow you to get non-ranking parses, and I needed bad performance as well as good.