Guild attendance

Do you plan to improve Guild Attendance page in the next direction?

  1. Set time interval(from X to Y, where X and Y - date) and difficulty(normal, heroic, mythic) to see all attendance by all raiders(f.e., I wanna see attendance by all guildmembers in Mythic HFC from January to May 2016).
  2. Unite main characters and alt characters to see people attendance, not characters.

Those are both good ideas.

I just recently discovered the attendance feature and would like to offer a couple suggestions as well if you don’t mind.

  1. I like the set time interval suggested above, but also could we refine it to set a time/day of the week set up so that logs made outside of official raid hours don’t count toward mandatory attendance?

  2. Again, main+alt merging is a great idea. On top of that, can we exclude pugs? For example, on Legion beta tests, we will sometimes invite pugs or friends but we are not interested in tracking their attendance.

Thanks in advance and keep up the great work!

I would love to see the CVS export function export more than the percentage and dates. Just a 1 in each cell that is coloured on the page would be perfect.

I would also like a way to remove raids from the calculation of the percentage so that we can exclude logs for social / alt raids that we also have logs for (or duplicate logs).

Use the Raid Teams feature when you log. This allows you to assign raids to teams like “Main Raid” or 'Alt Raid", and then in attendance pane you can filter to just Main Raids, etc. Same with the calendar page.

We do split official raids from alt/fun/whatnot logs. I’d still love to see something like a 1 or X in the coloured boxes seeing as they are in the csv anyways as empty.

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