Logs are not being Ranked (tried Export button)

Logs my static posted last night did not rank or link to my account. This happened also with the a11s encounter of an uploaded log last week, however that one seemed to fix after I learned about being able to try re-exporting from the rank page on the log. I tried to do that for the logs from last night however it still is not linking/ranking my character correctly even if all the summary data is there.

One of the logs in question from last night: https://www.fflogs.com/reports/3VwNzq96jxpZgRQT#fight=3&view=rankings

I tried clicking Export about 3-4 times over the course of 2 hours or so but no dice… Was just wondering if there is some other setting I should be aware of for my account and what not or something I need to tell the uploader.


Keep in mind that if you are not a subscriber then Export is not immediate. It gets put in a queue and that can take a while to process, especially given that it’s peak traffic time for the site right now.

Ah, okay thank you! I thought that when the rankings page stopped showing the “this log has been successfully exported and is queued” that it had finished processing. My bad again for the noob question >.<.

I’ll wait till tomorrow to see! I definitely need to get on that patreon business haha.

So I waited over the weekend to check to see if the log export request went through but still no dice. Was wondering if there are any other suggestions for this? When I looked at the same log yesterday it didn’t seem to rank any of the participants on the rankings tab of the log.

All logs are being re-exported right now as part of the partitioning project (see the other thread). This will take a few days.

But also, make sure you set the correct region in your uploader. If you picked the wrong one, then that would also be a reason why you’d see no ranks.

Gotcha, I’ll check with our uploader tonight then. Thanks!