WoW damage is bugged

As I am sure you are aware, there was a bug recently introduced in the game that - for some reason - cause some players to deal much more damage than they should. I’ll be listing some logs of this happening in this thread as I come across them.

Note that this only started happening this evening, and as such every log will be from 20.05. If this bleeds into tomorrow before it’s fixed, logs will also appear at 21.05 with this bug obviously.

If the log contains bugged players and they have done multiple bosses, it’s more than likely that every boss they have done is a boss where they were bugged. Don’t just look at the encounter that the log happens to link to.

I have frozen all rankings and will be blacklisting all reports from today. Until I am sure the bug is fixed, rankings will remain turned off.

Good choice. Thanks for being on top of it.

since what hour all reports are frozen and blacklisted , i´ve cleaned some bosses last night with some good ranks and not bugs , i´ll lose those ranks?

This is my report.

Our logs uploaded just after midnight appear to be gone now and to me they looked perfectly normal (definitely nothing special going on haha). Even kills made before midnight are gone. Seems the cutoff is according to when the log was uploaded? :disappointed:

Cutoff is from midnight PST onwards. Anything today (according to PST). I may refine this later once I learn the precise window of the bug.

My raid team could use a bug to keep them from standing in the fire (although it’s great for healing parses). Thanks for being on top of things and I hope you can narrow it down.

I had a top 100 Fire mage parse on Mythic Xhul’horac deleted. I got that log on May 18th. I would love to have that parse back. What do I need to do in order to have that log back? I also dropped 30 points for Arcane Mage all-stars.

Here are the logs for reference. Thank you.

Just a heads up that I now have the precise time range of the bug that was present on servers, so I am re-running the blacklisting report script with that precise range. If your report falls into that range, it will be blacklisted and that’s that. The bug could at times result in weird/subtle increases in damage, so I can’t trust any reports that fall in that range, and I cannot special case any reports that fall in that range.

If you uploaded a report with multiple days in it, only some of which happen to overlap this range, then I would suggest splitting the log file and re-uploading only the days that don’t overlap the bad time range.