Ranks from all Oracle of Darkness logs cleared in 5.4 not ranked anymore

Hi, I was going through some of my 5.4 savage logs and found that the E12S-P2 boss, Oracle of Darkness, is no longer ranked on my character’s profile since 5.5 came out. Is there anything that can be done about this, since only 4 out of the 5 All Stars points are included in my final ranking rather than 5 out of 5. Before Patch 5.5 came out, all five of the fights were ranked in my final leaderboard score and I was rank 74 Ninja, but after FFLogs got updated to accomodate 5.5, it’s now only showing 467.93 points instead of 582.41; I’m not sure who to contact or ask for advice, so I’m just posting here to see if this bug/problem can be fixed. Thanks in advance!

5.4 logs: Twooty Pie - Moogle - FF Logs
(Oracle of Darkness from 5.4 not ranked, despite having 10 clears, resulting in 4/5 fights being recorded for my final leader-board score)

Sorry, you had to notice this before everything froze. We keep things open for a week or so after the newer patches come out to give people a chance to report bugs like this, but once it’s locked, we can’t mess with or change All Stars rankings.