Rankings only showing for specific members


Link above is the log in question. Reuploaded under personal and in the NA region in order to make sure that it wasn’t a one time fluke. Warrior has it listed under his parses in his personal profile, but does not show up for myself or in global rankings.

Poster in question is the Summoner, Rianon Se.

Was this cross server, i.e., multiple servers involved?

Raid finder. Does it not apply if it was done through that?

I don’t yet support cross server for Savage so that’s probably why if he came from a different server.

Is there a reason it would only apply for specific people then?

Code is assuming there’s a single server, so if it finds someone on that server, it assumes everyone is on that server. This assumption is incorrect for Raid Finder.

Oh well. :stuck_out_tongue:

Is there a way to circumvent it? A parse here
Is showing for Rintan on Gilgamesh and for Aura on Sargatanas, however was done through raidfinder