Rankings for 2 NH HC logs not being processed

Hi there,

I’ve got 2 Nighthold HC logs that are not being processed correctly. The logs in question are:


Whenever I open one of those logs and click on Rankings I am presented with the error message “There are no ranks in this report for this boss. It’s possible something went wrong during the export process. You can try clicking the Export button below and see if that fixes the issue.” Once I click on “Export” the Rankings eventually seem to get calculated and I am presented with what seems to be some kind of provisional rankings. The rankings page explicitly states “This report’s rankings have not been processed by the server yet. The ranks below are estimates and may change slightly once the report has been processed.” This processing just doesn’t seem to happen at all as one of the logs in question is from Aug 29th and hasn’t been processed since (though I re-exported it several times). The provisional rankings additionally seem to be “volatile” as every time I open one of the affected logs (or just hit refresh on the rankings page of one of those logs) the site will again tell me that “There are no ranks in this report for this boss.”

Can you please look into this issue?


Nighthold is frozen.