Character Ranking

I checked my guild member and he have ranking but my character dont even i have personal logs from raid total of 4 normal raids. some reason wont show my rank or any of my character fights. except personal logs. can anyone tell me what going on?

Are you a new character in the CN region?

no it was transfered from Mal’ganis to Nerzhul can take a couple of days to understand the transfer happened. You can try re-exporting the report by clicking the Export button on the Rankings page of the report once’s API knows you xferred.

yeah did that and it was transferred a month ago.

Can you provide a link to a log that should have you ranked but doesn’t?

I need a link to an actual uploaded report that has you in it that you think should be ranking you.

Advanced Combat Logging is required in order to rank. Most likely whoever logged you didn’t have that turned on. Network pane of System preferences.

in wow folder or the warcraft log profile?

In game
Menu -> Settings -> Network

thank you so it should be working next time i get in raid?

Yes, next time it should be working