Rank 1 AST credited far too much rDPS

So I was checking out the rankings for Emerald weapon extreme and then I noticed that the first rank AST for that fight had an extremely large difference in aDPS and rDPS; 4.2k to be precise, while all other rankings in the top 100 have a difference no higher than 2k.
Upon closer inspection I figured out the huge spike in rDPS came from divination, the balance and the arrow buffs, but in that timeframe it is completely impossible for there to be so much damage dealt by a dps. For example the SAM received 2 balance cards and the log credits 223.3k damage for those cards, meaning that the SAM would have had to do 3.7m damage in 30s aka pull off 124k DPS for that timeframe. It’s almost as if the card counted all the damage the SAM did and gave it towards the AST instead of the 6%.
This false positive number creates a huge difference in actual rDPS messes with the rankings. I don’t know how this happened but this log should not count towards the ranks as it is not fair towards other ASTs

The log in question: https://www.fflogs.com/reports/KDwNphPxMf3W6ZvF#fight=1&type=damage-done