Lost my Rank 1 - Balance drood

I were really proud when i got a rank 1, and then like 2 days later it was gone.

I were just wondering why this happened. Is it a bug, or what happend?

The thing I could see logically was that some other guild logged, and got the kill same night, right before I did or something like that, but dont know if that makes sense… If anyone knows what happend, i would be glad to hear.

Logs before: https://gyazo.com/6c9140f58c567f222e1ed24eff311765
Logs after: https://gyazo.com/5c9dded881540cd7b589ac8fba94f4ff

And as you can see, its the same dps on both screenshots, just not rank 1 on one of them.

Historical rankings (which is what you’re looking at) compare against the previous day’s rankings until the current day’s ranks have all been collected. This means there is a 1-time adjustment.

So what you are saying is that the same day, that i got it, another one also got it, but with higher dps than me, which means that he was the only one to get it?

Correct. Logs can also take time to export, or maybe someone uploads a kill that happened around the same time as yours, but they do so like 12 hours later, etc.

Yeah okay I see, thank you :slight_smile: