Random questions including Karazhan request

Hola, I had no idea how much better this website was than WoL, extremely impressive.

  1. I lead some normal and heroic EN runs and want to firmly require a reasonable amount of DPS without being ridiculous. How can I filter the DPS stats for kills only? (50th percentile, and I like Heroic Ursoc as a DPS check)

  2. How do you do the replays? I didn’t think the combat logs contained positional information (even the advanced ones) and I especially thought that 7.1 broke this. How do you do it, and how did Blizz break DBM without breaking the replays?

  3. Are Karazhan parses available? I also would like to require reasonable DPS from PUGs there.

  4. Is Kihra the only one building/maintaining this website? Do you have any posts about your career, how much time you spend on this website, how much time you spend raiding, etc.?