Questions and thinking about logs

  1. Tabard and Shirt. What about delete these 2 item from Player’s gear table? They are actually doesn’t carry no information about character. It is not a big problem, but when I compared 2 peoples yesterday, left table was a little bigger than right because one player has this 2 items are equiped and it is a little uncomfortable.

  2. Phasing. For now logs can’t count any damage/heal/etc if players are in different phase. For example - Dragons of Nightmare: players who going in portal have lower damage/heal in logs. It is not possible because blizzard established some restrictions or another reasons? Will it be done in future if it is possible(or will be possible)?

  3. Is there any way to see how long player’s stay in void zone in time? I mean something like “in range blah blah blah”(or another way) and in result it will be a table with “player_name: time”. Some void zone need to avoid and some need to stay in before they gone(or to split the damage)