Problem with Huntsman Altimor in Castle Nathria


I think the logs from the boss, Huntsman Altimor, are displayed incorrectly. The damage to the Shade of Bargast is very different from in-game damage, and I suppose this is the problem: Destabilize. I believe that the damage shown in the logs does not include an increase from the skill Destabilize. All other damage parameters are the same both in terms of sources and values.

Could this be a mistake?

The bonus damage is discarded by default. You can click View Unfiltered Damage to put that damage back in (link right above the damage done table).

Can I ask why this is the default for ranking? The damage to the adds matters and there is not pad potential since they don’t heal and must die.

edit: I’ll also add that the increased damage taken by adds was not removed on Drest’agath in Ny’alotha and not all of those adds had to die by comparison once the boss was low enough. Meanwhile burning the Shades of Barghast down is a critical part of the Huntsman fight.

I completely agree with previous one and add on my own: if you are a fan of “numbers of dps”, then it is better not to switch to the Shades of Barghast, since any switch reduces your damage done. And switching the filter shows the damage just to watch it. All the same, reduced damage is taken into ranks.