Problem Linking BattleNet Account

Hello all, having an issue regarding linking my battle net account to WarcraftLogs. This is what I’ve done thus far- (For context my characters are in classic era NA)

  1. Clicked the correct region associated with my account when linking, NA (In the Warcraft Logs settings)
  2. Logged into my BattleNet account, ensuring to check all boxes regarding sharing my account. (I’ve already ensured my account is completely public and verified)
  3. The moment I try to add a character through WarcraftLogs, I recieve this error:
  4. I see the message, and repeat this process, unlinking my account on both Warcraft logs and unlinking on

I’ve done this many times over the last few days to no avail, no sign of Blizzard’s API being down. Any ideas?


Are you trying to claim a SoD/Classic character on the incorrect website?

Those game versions have no API integration so you need to go to the correct website and do the claiming process appropriate for that.

Let me know which character you’re trying to claim please!