Please add HPM meter for WoW Classic

With the popularity of Classic and the Season of Discovery, it shows that classic logs are still in high demand. Classic healing however differs greatly from retail healing in one key point, and that it is all about mana management, and not the amount of healing generated. Logs are however only based on HPS, and that is not only not helping, it is also causing players to play in a contra-productive way, just to be on top of a meter, that in no way shows their contribution to the raid, but instead their contribution against the raid.

To help on this please add an HPM view for healing, that shows the following:

  • Amount of healing/damage prevented total divided by all mana used in that encounter.
  • Amount of healing/damage prevented total divided by all mana spent on healing/damage prevention spells in that encounter.

That way raid leaders can easily see how effective a specific player was, and how much mana was actually used on healing (for encounters that require healer to provide dps or other). And in addition it would give players a ranking that they can try to excel in, that actually supports their raid, instead of working actively against the success of it.