Wlogs v2 api and wlogs searching issues

Hey everyone! First, I’m sorry for my English.
So, I have some questions about:

  1. I want to filter logs where will be certain spec OR directly another spec. (e.g. I want see any monk in the group, so I will only filter logs where will be Brew Monk OR WW Monk OR MW Monk)
    I know about existing searching filters in Warcraft Logs but it can only use “AND” (comma in url string)

    How can I filter logs where will be ANY monk (Any of 3 specs)? (As raid buffer)
    I tried to use vertical bar to split filters like:

    It isn’t working. (Logs are filtering by last filter query)
  2. Second question about GraphQL query. I want to get logs only from US or EU (Without Asia region). How can I do it? (I can use US or EU separately but not together)

ps. Thanks in advance!

I solved first issue by creating a lot of parallel tasks (like find logs with define spec of all in class). Combined all logs I got and distincted them. The same with second question