Personal Character ranking page not updating?


Just noticed the when I type my name in to look at overall averages for fights on heroic NH trilliax doesn’t seem to be updating. I know usually this takes 24 hours but my logs from last week also didn’t.

Personal ranking page shows the following:
65% 421k

Last 2 weeks have not updated on the personal ranking page: Feb/7
80% 483k Jan/31
74% 460k

Is this a common issue with more than just this boss? If so plz let me know, it’s kinda rough cause I like using Best Perf. Avg on the personal character screen to quickly review/track guildies performance and now I see it’s somewhat inaccurate if this page is not updating anymore.

  1. Click on Trilliax row at your personal ranking page. It will display all your ranked Trilliax fights. This list has both logs (see dated as Feb/1 and Feb/8)
  2. Rankings don’t count damage to scrubbers. So dps in rankings lower than dps from the report

thats interesting, thanks for the quick reply, solved!