My characters bests aren't being updated with my log uploads

My uploaded logs are set to public, and advanced combat logging was enabled.

To illustrate my problem: I have a log where I pulled 330k on Dragons, but my current best is still showing up at around 160k (which is an old and outdated performance). Help!

Need a link to the report where you got 330k.

Okay the Dragons fight seems to be updated now. But others are still off. Cenarius for example. My character page shows only 140,897 DPS as my best while my report shows that I pulled 264,167. Xavius is another. My character page shows that 148,058 DPS is my best while my report shows that I pulled 328,561.1 DPS.

What’s wrong? Will inconsistencies like this happen every time I upload logs? Why isn’t my character home page updating personal bests?

Looks like it just bugged during the export process. This is a rare occurrence. You can actually fix these problems yourself typically by just hitting the Export button on the rankings page for the report to make the report re-process. I did that for you.