Parses Showing 0%

About halfway through our raid, all the parses on my character page disappeared with my “not locked in” parses and began showing 0. Not sure what’s going on with that.


Good evening! Just chiming in that you’re not alone. The same thing with us in our Ulduar run, parses started showing as 0s mid-way through and then it invalidated the entire log. I also went back and looked at prior ulduar raids and everything there is also now zeroes.

I uninstalled the version of WarcraftLogs Uploader i was using (version 5.9) and installed the newest one (version 6.0), and noticed all the kills were flagged in the uploader as “Undefined Kills”

Here is my character sheet:

Here is our most recent raid:

All zeroes

Hello. We just recrawled and are rebuilding history for Ulduar as we’ve made a few changes. This means parses will show as 0% etc until that is completed. Join us on Discord - Warcraft Logs to stay up to date :slight_smile: