Not in my own guild anymore

I made a guild for Tiro Finale but I don’t seem to have control of it anymore. Character name is Guolwuota Zirntwyrsyn in FFXIV server is coeurl.

Make sure the character you have claimed is the current server you’re on. Also go to the Characters tab of your FC and make sure the roster is up to date.

Actually I name changed my character so FFLOGs decided he wasn’t part of the roster. Going in and importing again under the new name fixed the issue. I just assumed it would keep up with something like that.

It does, but not instantly. I plan to fix it so that name changes and stuff just result in guild and user info migrating from the old char to the new char. Just haven’t done that yet. One fire at a time. :slight_smile:

I did the name change awhile back though, 12/23/16 actually, just so you know.