Entire FC moved to a new one in-game.. made new FC on FFLogs but character list won't update


I’m an FC leader. We all moved to a brand-new FC (same name though) in the game. On FFLogs, I clicked on “leave guild” and created a new one. I went to the Characters tab and clicked on the “Click here to import this guild’s member information.” When I did that, I got the error message:

Unhandled Exception


Undefined variable: server_name

/var/app/current/application/controllers/base.php on line 2631

It looks like some of my past runs no longer have an FC associated with my character. How do I fix this, and how can I update the character list in our brand new FC?

Character: Emi Rii
Server: Excalibur
Free Company: pulse (name of old one), pulse fc (name of new one)

Thanks in advance!

It’s possible that the HTML code on Lodestone has changed. If that’s the case, a code fix will be required on my end, and I won’t be back from vacation until July 21.

Hi Kihra!

I’m still having issues updating our FC info. I went to import guild character info and got this message:

An error occurred fetching the guild data. Make sure your guild name exactly matches the guild name used in-game.

I then went to change our FC info but got this error message:

What’s the best way to resolve this?

Thanks! -Emi

Also, I tried to change our guild name on FFlogs and got this error:

Unhandled Exception


Undefined variable: region_id

/var/app/current/laravel/view.php(354) : eval()'d code on line 67

Pulse already exists with you as the primary uploader. Not sure why you have split your reports across two Pulse guilds.

Something strange happened when we all left the old FC to join a new one (for real estate reasons), after we swapped FC’s in-game I refreshed the character list on FFLogs and it only showed the new owner of the one we moved away from, which is why I created a new guild on FFLogs. Apologies for the long-winded story.

Is the best way to resolve this to reclaim the old FC on FFLogs?