Nidhog EX Rankings

Is there an ETA on when Nidhog EX rankings being added to the leader boards? I often use the ranks to see how I compare and where to improve myself, and not having them on this fight is a bit annoying.

Kihra is currently on holiday. When he’s back, it will be updated for 3.3 content.

I was unaware of this, thank you for the information.

Just an update. This is proving quite difficult, as Nidhogg does not actually die at the end of the fight. I’m scratching my head trying to figure out a way to reliably detect victory.

Does look like a bit of a mess. Seems like best option might be timestamp of the last action that was used by or affected Nidhogg, before loot is added to loot pool. Doesn’t work though if for some reason people zone out without opening loot-box, and doesn’t necessarily give you 100% accurate timestamp on the death then, also I would assume it would make accounting for overkill awkward.

When the fight ends, a message gets posted to the log with Nidhogg saying “Slain twice by mortal hands…”. There’s also the message for obtaining a “Horde totem”, but this is riddled with special characters. Either of these will indicate the end of the fight.

Sample line:

00|2016-06-10T23:16:25.0000000-05:00|0044|Nidhogg|Slain twice by mortal hands…

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I don’t actually upload the 00 messages. They are discarded when processing the logs. I suppose I could do a client patch to check specifically for that chat message though and simulate a death event for Nidhogg when I see it.

I would need to know what the text is in all languages too and not just English.