Character Page: Best perf % not updating for some bosses


My character page has logs updated for all bosses except for Felhounds.
For example, my best record for both Aggramar and Felhounds both come from

this log, but Aggramar’s log is updated on my character page while Felhounds isn’t updated.

Please help!

Same here. I only needed a Legendary HC Ranking on High Command and did it on May 24th in this log ( ) but my Best perf % hasn’t been updated on my Character page ( ).

Any help would be awesome.

Oh and before you start bashing: the “Nigha”-part of my character’s name “Nighavoodoo” is not a different way of writing “Nigga” but the Sanskrit term for “as tall as wide”.

That report is unlisted, so it doesn’t rank.

Thank you very much!


Thanks for the reply! Is there a way to change my report to “listed/public” status?