New client getting worse for uploading multiple old logs


A few years ago the warcraftlogs client was set up such that you could go to the “upload a log” page, upload the log, click Archive then Done, then the file selection box would be autopopulated with the next-oldest log, so you could just click Go again.

Then, suddenly one version it didn’t change the autopopulate after an upload anymore, but you could switch to the Live Log tab and back to Upload and it would autopopulate the field with the next-oldest log, so it was 2 extra clicks per log when uploading multiple old logs.

Now, the newest version (7.0.66) makes it so even switching to another tab and back doesn’t recheck what’s autopopulated - it just keeps the original file selected, even though that file is not there anymore (since it was archived). Instead the user has to manually select the file to upload through the Choose… menu.

I realize it’s not a huge deal but it is a small annoyance so I thought I’d share my feedback.

Thanks for all the work you do to keep everything running smoothly.

Hey, thanks for the feedback/bug report! We have filed an issue for this and will look into a fix.