My resto druid is showing as a dps mage can't use logs

I can’t seem to get my account to point towards my character Fairah accurately…I can’t use the logs to compare or see the results of my performance adjustments.

Can you link the report? This means you used no spells that could be recognized as Resto Druid spells (i.e., you must have had a very unusual spell usage compared to other druids at this point). I can add whatever spells you used to the detection but need to see the log to do so.

I am a resto druid…set up as pure heals…I basically only heal so I can’t see me being able to cast any spells much beyond healing…??? This shows me as a mage of some sort…my account is under a name of Airecka….it is a name from retail not from classic…I can’t figure out why it’s recording me as a mage and not a druid…please not there are no parses and you can’t compare my character to other druids.