Multiuple mythics

Spliting/uploading of logs doesn’t seem to detect multiple mythic 5 mans in the same log file. For example has two mythic 5 mans but doesn’t show the boss attempts in eye of azsuna. I manually split the log to get details on eye of azsuna.

Is it possible to have it split more or for the upload to know there is more than one mythic in a combat log? If so this would be nice since I don’t live log mythic 5 mans but would like to be able to upload logs to check things after the fact now and then without having to manually edit log files.


Is this Mythic+ or just regular Mythics? Regular Mythics aren’t really supported. Mythic+ should work just fine.

Dark heart was just mythic and the eye of azsuna was mythic+. Not sure why dark heart was the dominate instance in this case then.

Don’t use an autologger for Mythic+. ERT for example messes up and misses the start of the dungeon.

not using an autologger is not really an option for me. I honestly forget to start/stop logging many times without one and don’t want to log every combat action I do either since log files do add up.

Ok, well ERT is buggy and can’t log Mythic dungeons properly, so if that’s the one you use, that’s the problem.

I currently use autolog to do my automatic logging. I was using autocombatlogger before that but that didn’t log mythics for me. I found that autocombatlogger got turned back so may of been some type of conflict? Not sure what event to be looking for in the combat log check for myself however.

Ideally I want to log all mythics but don’t plan to upload them unless I want to analyze what happened in more depth than what meters and death note give me in game. Which doing automatic logging gives me the chance to do without much hassle.