Mismatch between battle.net API and WCLogs API Talent ID


I’ve been playing around with WCLogs API lately and wanted to aggregate data regarding talents (a bit in the same way as murlok.io for those who know this site). I noticed that the talentID return by warcraft logs (using encounter/{encounterID}?includeCombatantInfo=true) is not the same as the one returned by the battle.net API (using data/wow/talent-tree/{classID}/playable-specialization/{specID}).
What’s the best way to make the match ? Does WCLogs provide a talent tree API so that I can get rid of battle.net to fetch data about talent trees?

As a work around I’ve been using the spellID instead, but this is not a satisfying solution as some talents have the same spellID although they are completely different talents (think about holy paladin’s avenging wrath)