Midas All Star Points went to another server


I just wanted to ask if you could fix a minor personal problem with the parses of my character ‘Ruca Nerys’. I’m playing on Shiva, had all the parses uploaded to it and got the All Star Points. Though with the new patch the All Star Points listed me as a Odin player, even though no parse on this server for Midas exists. Those Points are missing at the Shiva Ranking.

Have a nice day,

https://www.fflogs.com/rankings/server/28/10#class=Global&spec=DarkKnight - Odin
https://www.fflogs.com/rankings/server/31/10#class=Global&spec=DarkKnight - Shiva

In your list of linked/registered characters, do you have one on Odin. If so, unlink that one and make sure your Shiva one is the only one registered. Then re-export a log from Shiva.

I’m going to try to improve the server detection code, but it is difficult deploying anything to the job server at the moment with the need to not take it down at all for WoW at the moment.

Just a heads up that I’m rewriting the code that tries to guess the server. I’m also going to separate out WoW’s stuff from FF’s stuff and put them on different servers so that I can push revisions to FF without messing up WoW (and vice versa).