Logs not uploading 'invalid report specified'

I seem to be getting this issue a lot - I’ll log a trial no problem but when I go to upload through the eso log tool the upload fails and comes up with ‘invalid report specified’, and the upload doesn’t go through. It seem to not be consistent with where this is happening either, I’ve hd some fail at 25 per cent of the scanning for combat stage, some at 99 per cent. It does allow me to split a report and then upload the new file (usually) although this only has the last trial run and drops off any earlier runs. Mostly we’ve been running asylum, but I’ve had vmaw and sunspire logs also fail.

I’m using the ‘easy stalking’ addon for ESO and logs start automatically. I’m not dropping connection.

Am I doing something wrong? Live logging usually is fine, but my log uploads are just not working.