Logs not updating with latest raids

Hi there,

So my guild uploaded a couple logs, I uploaded my own log through the desktop app… none of them are registering on my character page. I know that my guild has not used stealth mode in the past, so I doubt it’s that as they’ve always counted in my parses up to this point. I have advanced combat logging on in WoW’s interface… I’m just not sure why these particular raids parses are not coming up for me when everything else in the past has.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

Raid in question: Warcraft Logs - Combat Analysis for Warcraft
Character name is the same as here: Lavandula

Hi, there’s a new partition. Your logs show fine here Lavandula - Pagle - Warcraft Logs

Not to sure I follow. I can see on what you linked that it does show the new numbers for just BT for just that raid day (so it seems), but if I use the dropdown menu to show both BT/Hyjal, I’m back to the old numbers minus the raids done on the 13th. Any ideas on why it would put that raid solely on a new partition and not fold it into the character page with the other raids that show the top numbers for all previous runs?

This page: Lavandula - Pagle - Warcraft Logs

You need to select P5 to view them from the dropdown. The default partition for BT / Hyjal is currently P3.5/P4. We have plans to change this to ‘All’ later on.

Vel, thank you for taking the time to help me. I appreciate it. I hope I’m not taking up too much of your time walking me through this like a toddler. LOL

With the P5 - is this something new that happened in the past couple weeks? “All” basically shows all the raids I’ve done with the exception of this last one on the 13th and we raid weekly (that you have showing on P5). I just want to make sure I understand that I’m not going to be able to have this last raid weekend combine until the partitions are changed… and when I raid this next weekend… will that, too, be on P5? It’s mainly that with this divided, my performance average is far lower. I hate to be “that” person, but it does make me sad on a certain level.

Partitions happen either with significant nerfs or with new content releases. This one is because Sunwell was released last week, so we partition and freeze the rankings for BT / Hyjal. You can read more about it in this help article: Rankings and Parses | Warcraft Logs Classic

P5 stands for Partition 5, which we are in now with Sunwell release. All current logs will go in to this partition. ‘All’ (which will include all partitions as soon as we push that change) is the new default for BT and your parses will show there.

Ahhhh! I gotcha.

Thank you so much for helping to clarify. Again, I really do appreciate it, and appreciate the service you guys offer! For geeks like myself, it’s amazing and now knowing you all are willing to lend a hand makes it all the better.

Keep up the great work and thanks once more!

I can upload logs