WoW Classic - MC Trash logging issue

For the past month of so, we have missed our ranking/completion times for MC due to four molten giants not being included in our logs. We have the molten giants in our logs within the text file, or when we look to split the logs - it DOES show the molten giants.

Here is a link to an example log of our last raid -

Here is a screenshot of splitting the log -
As you can see, the Molten giants are getting logged, but they aren’t appearing on the website’s logs.

We’ve done some research and its happening to everybody? Here is an example of APES most recent MC from yesterday –

Your log ranked just fine. Remember that there’s a new P3 dropdown to see P3 MC runs. That’s where newer runs go.

Ohh… I see! Thanks for the clarification. We’ve been confused and mad (just playing with him) at our raid logger for weeks! XD