Logs not being ranked

Hello, I recently returned to the game and wanted to upload some logs of Rabanastre runs that actually had semi-decent parses to get back into the groove and test my new PC. However, they are not being ranked despite uploading properly.

I followed all the video instructions, all the settings in both FF14 and ACT are correct and my parser works perfectly fine. Initially, I uploaded the entire night of parses, saw that they didn’t get ranked, so then I split the files and uploaded two separate Rabanastre runs but they still are not being ranked.

My uploads were also set to Public and NA region as required, I have successfully uploaded parse runs in the past so I honestly don’t understand what’s happening to cause these runs to not be ranked.

Here are links to my FF Logs profile and the two runs in question:


Rabanastre is frozen, since it’s old content. I always freeze all but the newest 24-man when the next tier comes out.

Oh, I see, well that’s good to know, I was just worried about future parses not being uploaded. Good to hear that’s the case.

Thanks for the reply Kihra.