Logs don't add up on Mythic Rhastakan

Our guild recently killed mythic rhasta and on the kill the addon details had me at 32 hps. Warcraftlogs has me at 29hps but something feels off about the warcraft logs (verified by 2 members of my guild where both logs had me at 29)

  1. SLT subratracted hps (which is completely normal) but it didn’t add the healing from slt in the logs like every other fight - They basically null and void each other on every other fight besides this one.
  2. I watched the replay of the fight then I clicked on barnacleboi and healing done and even chain heal’s value is different than what was recorded on my logs. Why are the recorded logs and the replay values different ?
  3. There is also other subtracted hps values form htt and riptide - when in the fight is hps subtracted as none of the other hots from other healers got subtracted.

Logs attached from kill and on a different fight to show slt numbers if you aren’t familiar. Anyone know what’s going on here?





Wowanalyzer also has me at 32k hps

Healing done that is just absorbed by Bwonsamdi is discounted, so in this case SLT took health away from people and transferred it to healing that was just absorbed. This caused the net to be negative. You can click open Spirit Link in the table (click the arrow on the row) to see this.