Logs are ranking me as a Fury when I'm tanking


Here is my character https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/stalagg/arnold

I have been Main Tanking in Molten Core as a tank spec (Fury/Defiance). Most of the time, I am correctly categorized as a Tank, as I am tanking every boss. However, sometimes my logs list me as a Fury even though I am tanking the boss.

I suspect this is happening because sometimes I don’t equip a shield or use Shield Block. See my Golemagg logs: https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/character/us/stalagg/arnold#boss=670 On the first two weeks, I’m using a shield and Shield Block. This week on 9/25, I did not equip one when tanking.

Is there a way to change my logs so they properly display my spec as a Tank for the purpose of ranking?

Thanks for the help!

I am having the exact same issue and it’s definitely happening a lot in both directions. I’ve noticed https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/reports/9ndWVqFcakQ7YtHD#fight=1&type=damage-done&hostility=1&source=28&ability=1 for example Badjoke and DW are both DPS while Cleavis is actually one of Onslaught’s MT. But WCL categorized Cleavis as DPS and Badjoke/DW as Tanks.

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I looked at your Onyxia encounter, and the warriors who were classified as Tank spec used Shield Block, whereas Cleavis did not.

I did some digging through the forums and found Classic WoW Spec Detection
It looks like the logs identify your spec if your shield-using-abilities are greater than a certain threshold.

I don’t think this is the best way to identify who is a “Tank.” Instead, I think the criteria should be based on Non-Environmental Damage Taken (the top 3 Damage Taken players are Tanks) or Number of Melees Taken (either the top 3 players who took Melees from the boss, or a certain threshold of Melee, say 10+ Melees = Tank). Would love to hear some feedback.

In the meantime, is there any possibility of changing my spec on my logs from Fury to the appropriate Tank spec?

Thanks again!

You can’t even blanket it to top 3 melee damage taken though, because many guilds don’t have more than 1-2 tanks on fights other than domo. Basically any of the guilds where their tanks are currently being flagged as DPS, are probably only running 1 tank for almost every fight.

Yes I know for some fights (Domo, Garr [if you don’t have one tank take all the adds], 4 Horsemen, etc) you will have more than 3 people tanking. I also wrote that “Number of Melees Taken” would also work (if you get hit greater than 10 times by a boss, chances are you are a Tank).

Would love some insight from developers.

Yeah number of times melee hit by a boss (some bosses would need to be based on whatever their attack is), would probably be the most consistent way to go about it.

As you can see, it’s a hard problem. Badjoke in that log linked above actually was 2nd on damage taken from melees, and yet you say he wasn’t tanking. It sure looks like he was, etc.

Well the problem for onyxia in particular is a hard one because of how her threat drop works basically ANY warrior who gets aggro in P3 is now “the tank”. Honestly if you can determine talents, the best way would probably be to look for Impale VS Defiance. As that is the determining factor between an assigned Tank and an assigned DPS. Or f.ex a good DPS warrior is likely to put on a shield and pick up some whelps if they spawn.

Meanwhile if you look at MY logs for this week you can see I was marked as DPS across the board, despite being the only tank on most fights and being at the top of damage taken. https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/reports/hFvqGcw4yNA68naX#fight=19&type=damage-taken

With the exception of Garr, where I was tanking all the adds so I threw on a shield. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Kihra I don’t think it’s as hard a problem as it seems. You’re looking at an Onyxia log, which is always a shit show for keeping threat. Our guild has 3+ warriors fight for threat and whoever gets it does their best to keep it. We should instead focus on MC.

Check out my logs from MC. I’m the only one ever tanking, but for many bosses I don’t need to put on a shield (Shazzrah, Golemagg, Mag, Harbinger, Rag, probably more tbh). That’s why I think Number of Boss/Add Melee Swings Taken (in Molten Core at least) would be a better indicator of who is a “Tank.”

What are your thoughts?

Yeah I mean if you go through the boss fights from that week’s logs, I literally don’t equip a shield for a single fight. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to suggest that they change the algorithm which decides whether or not who is the tank to defensive stance aura uptime. I may be using bloodthirst and dualwielding but Im in d stance 99% of the time yet shows as fury. I wanna say 10 times out of 10 the people that are in d stance for more than 50% of the fight were probably tanking something.
This seems to be the most effective, (yet somewhat simple compared to the other suggestions?), way to fix the issue.

You can’t see Defensive Stance in logs unless it drops or changes.

Ahh, thats too bad then.

Ok, another suggestion. What if you just base it on # of revenge casts?
For example, this log https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/reports/gB2MQKjP9hLHRZWp#type=damage-done&boss=-2&difficulty=0&wipes=2&ability=11601 directly correlates to who was tanking the most in our raid. The only thing it doesnt show is when our feral was picking stuff up.

I think I’m going to just try basing tanking on taking melee hits (for all 3 tank-capable classes). Probably count the total number of melee hits and require you to be the recipient of a certain % of them in order to be counted as a tank.

I just deployed a change to how tank spec is determined. The new heuristic counts the total number of melee hits received by players during the fight. If the number of melee hits you take exceeds 20% of the total, you are classified as tanking. Otherwise you are considered DPS.

I did notice that it fixed some of my old parses to show as tank now instead of fury.

Except now my allstar points are all messed up since they didn’t retroactively update haha. They’re at 977.1 instead of 1055.2 which is the number I got from manually adding the totals.

Looking at Cleavis though, I noticed that it didn’t update his Shazzrah. https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/reports/H2b61WB7kvc8YKyr#fight=34&type=damage-taken You can see he’s the only one who’s taken melee hits. I don’t know if it’s because the fight was too short and he didn’t reach a minimum number you set?

On the other hand https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/reports/9CW7VQXbj6qvBK2A#fight=55&type=damage-taken Eljay only pulled aggro on an add. Took 7 swings vs the tanks who took 32-44. Same with https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/reports/wKB7v1mDPACVkHcY#fight=9&type=damage-taken Actually this is probably the strangest one https://classic.warcraftlogs.com/reports/1q2RtbLxKwMmV3gn#fight=61&type=damage-taken&source=27 only took 2 melee swings

I think it’s mostly just Domo atm which has a lot of DPS marked as tanks since they pull threat on the adds haha. Probably everyone above Bz… Overall definitely an improvement though, much appreciated.