Logging not actually happening all of the sudden

Looks like my guild logs are not working for about a week now. I am not sure where to research what is happening. I checked loggerhead and it had ToV enabled.

Looks like another one of our loggers had problems too.

Any ideas?


Did you let your log file get too big? Blizzard will stop writing to it around 4gb.

I live log and make it a habit to click on delete logs after I log out of the game. Plus it looks like it is happening to another logger in our guild.

Probably your auto logger turning off (or not turning on) for ToV then. There’s nothing wrong on my end.

Thanks. I will investigate more from my end.

Our guild is having this issue, as of last night? Our “logs” look just like the missing/unknown ones you had… did you figure out what the issue is/how to fix it? (I assume yes since your logs are now working.)

Your log file probably got too big (as I mentioned in the previous post). Blizzard stops writing to the file at 4gb or so.

So when the log gets too big, it invents “raiders” and their abilities? That’s… odd.

I thought you said you had an empty report. That’s what this thread was originally about. If you have some different kind of error, let me know.

askmrrobot started logging ToV zone for me after they had an update. My problems went away.