Log Uploader Problems

Currently I cannot get Log Uploader to recognize any guild associated with my BTag. Doesn’t matter what guild or rank I have, the uploader refuses to update to my btag data. My Warcraft Logs ID has all of my characters and guilds listed appropriately and my logs/uploader/btag are linked. I have unlinked / relinked my BTag. I have left guild, rejoined, promoted, demoted, and even tried creating a new guild and using my guild leader id to create a new guild tag for Warcraft logs. Nothing. Any thoughts?

What guild isn’t working? Keep in mind that if the guild is using Manual control, then Battle.net association doesn’t matter.

Any guild associated with any character I have. The only guilds available on the selection window are guilds that I logged for years ago.

Give me a specific guild as an example please. Guild name and server.

Righteous Impurity on Hyjal-NA

The creator of that guild set it to Manual control, meaning that it ignores Battle.net associations. You will need to get the join code from the owner of the guild in order to apply and be placed within the guild and promoted such that you can view/upload logs.