Log not updapted

Hi, I am needing some help because any of my log appear on my profile maybe beacause I have two character on different server with same name.
Character : Ayami Evelys. Server : Moogle
Character : Ayami Evelys. Server : Zodiark

I only have two old log on my profile from moogle but I can’t update any log for now. I make many try on Tsukuyomi and no one appears on my profile. And for a unknow reason, I have a log on my zodiark char who never tried to do Tsukuyomi.
Tried to hide them alternatively or remove them and only keep on to uploade but it seem that doesn’t worked. So if someone could have any solution. Thanks.
Exemple of log who aren’t working for me : https://www.fflogs.com/reports/p2vHPDj3AbtxqzZQ/#fight=last&type=damage-done