Live log now freezes computer on mac whenever raid is wiped

It wasn’t the case for last raid tier but now the mac client will freeze the game for around 5-10 seconds whenever I die. The freeze go away as soon as I stop live logging.

Have you tried live logging without the WCL client running? It’s likely this is an issue on WoW’s end and has nothing to do with our client.

how do you live log without using the client?

I’m asking you to see if your game freezes when logging in WoW without the WCL client running to test if the WCL client is the cause. I think you are experiencing a Blizzard issue with their logging to disk and not a WCL client issue, so this is a way to confirm that.

yes I have confirmed that, I have died many times in raid without WCL client running and there is 0 lag. I’m also curious why my death would be an important event for WCL because doesn’t the parsing start after the entire raid has wiped?

Right, but were you also logging at the time? I’m extremely skeptical that the WCL client has anything to do with your issue. Events aren’t even written to disk in real time, so the WCL client wouldn’t have even seen the death yet.

In the past when people have had lockups like this when logging, it has to do with logging itself and Blizzard writing the file to disk, and doesn’t have anything to do with the WCL client, which doesn’t do anything during the fight other than read the files lines occasionally.