Encounters not Logging?

Im new to warcraftlogs and after uploading my guilds run at nighthold i turned off logging and uploaded, is there an amount of time i need to wait until turning off logging after a raid? we downed 4 bosses and it only logged the kill on the first boss and 3 wipes on the 2nd. nothing after that. what am i missing? note* i turned off logging and uploaded about 5 minutes after 4th boss kill

You can turn off logging immediately after the raid over. But before uploading report you should ensure that WoW client saved all recorded combat events to the disk. One guaranteed way to force WoW client to save all recorded events is to perform log out.

Possible reasons (if your uploaded log contains less fights that is should):

  • you uploaded log before WoW client saved last portion of combat events to the disk
  • your WoW client crashed (in this case you will lose all recorded but not saved events)
  • you accidentally turned off logging in the middle of the raid (for example, performed logout/disconnect and didn’t start logging again)
  • WCL client failed to parse your log correctly (due to the bug or corrupted log file).
  • you accidentally removed some fight in the WCL client before uploading